Extruded plate

Die Resysta Platte The Resysta panel
Large-sized Resysta sheets and boards can be processed by extrusion as well as by double belt pressing. In comparison to conventional WPC or wood panels Resysta panels are the far better choice for a variety of applications. Resysta Panels are used for example as support plates for flooring, as facade panels, as furniture for wet areas, container floors or in livestock farming.

In contrast to ordinary material many possibilities for application in facade and furniture manufacturing result from the three-dimensional thermal plasticity.

The panel material
The large-sized Resysta panels are currently made in thicknesses from 1-5 mm and in a width up to 1000 mm. Starting from March 2014 widths up to 1500 mm are possible. The length is virtually unlimited through the continuous process mode, which results in versatile options regarding cutting.



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