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To create a material like Resysta, you need one thing: a passion for wood. Only if you are familiar with the emotions that wood provokes in humans, you realise the high demands a material like Resysta needs to fulfill. At what stage can we be satisfed with our de- velopment? We consciously raised the bar to a new level. Only when a master carpenter struggles to differentiate whether he is sitting on a tropical wood or Resysta chair – are we satisfed. In this quest we have succeeded! It will take a long time to forget the incredible amazement of our experts when they tried to feel the difference of the surface with their fingers. How they lifted the chairs to look for the slightest difference in the weight. If the value of a company is estimated by its ability to really innovate – then we are ontop of the list!

Resysta: Idelaer Grundstoff und Holzersatzstoff für Möbel

Resysta – it´s value is in the way it is processed

The art of creating valuable furniture from wood is more than a thousand years old. A modern piece of furniture comprises the experience and knowledge of carpenters and joiners, passed on for generations from artisan to apprentice. Other furniture using wood substitute or synthetic materials are made without this valuable experience, as these materials are not normally processed by a carpenter. Chemists and production engineers decide about production. This is not the case for Resysta – as it is treated like real wood in joinery. The individual production steps from the raw material to the final piece of furniture hardly differ from the way real wood is treated. Resysta is the experience and knowledge of a long love and passion of a whole generation of carpenters and joiners.



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