Resysta Top Oil

(RTO) is a naturally tinted finish for untreated and pre-oiled Resysta surfaces. By using resistant, weatherproof oils and micro-fine color pigments, UV radiation is effectively blocked and Resysta is perfectly protected. Surfaces treated with RTO are water-repellent and free of toxins and allergenic terpenes. (e.g. citrus terpenes, turpentine oil, etc.). RTO contains hydrocarbons free of aromatic compounds, refined natural oils based on soybean, sunflower and rapeseed oil, unleaded driers and natural pigments.


500ml are sufficient for approx. 10m² - 15m². Clean the surface and remove dirt (water hose, brush, sandpaper ) then let dry before treatment. Shake the oil thoroughly before use . Apply RTO with a brush, sponge or a soft cloth evenly. Use a soft cloth to remove all excess oil after approx. 30 minutes and allow to dry for at least 6 hours. The respective hue is highly dependent on the application quantity and the preparation of the material to be coated. Surfaces treated with Resysta Top Oil RTO can be recreated and maintained with RTCO Resysta Top Care Oil. However, if the pigment of the RTO is worn, the surface must first be renewed with the pigmented RTO Oil of the corresponding hue.

Resysta Top Care Oil

Resysta Top Care Oil RTCO is a care oil for the renovation, restoration and maintenance of all oiled Resysta surfaces. The light oil texture allows for easy application. RTCO nourishes Resysta surfaces, and provides them with more saturation, new shine and freshness in one single work process. In the case of light fading, becoming dull or partial abrasion of the original oil film, RTCO can prevent a complete new treatment of the surface. RTCO contains refined natural oils, soybean, sunflower and rapeseed oil, isoaliphates, wax dispersions, lead-free and barium-free driers.


  1. Before treatment with RTCO, dust the surface with a dry or slightly damp, lint-free cloth. Allow the surface to dry prior to application.
  2. Pour RTCO finely dosed on a bolt of cloth or a floor cloth and apply evenly onto the surface.
  3. Rub the surface after 10 minutes impact time with a bolt of cloth until a wet oil film is no longer visible and the surface appears dry. After treatment with RTCO, the curing time is at least 24 hours. Protect against water during this period of time! Thereafter, the surface can be re-polished with a firm cloth.



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