RFS Resysta 2K Sealer for Professional Users

Resysta 2K Sealer RFS is an aqueous, transparent 2-component polyurethane sealant for indoor and outdoor use.

A two-component Sealer consists of a basecoat content (component A), with an added hardener component (component B). After curing, Resysta 2K Sealer RFS creates a highly resistant, transparent sealer film, which increases the mechanical and chemical resistance of the surface optimally. The sealer film provides extensive protection against staining due to external effects of grease, oil or other penetration of contaminants.

Resysta RFS is available in four different gloss levels:

  • RFS 10 = deep matt (natural wood appearance)
  • RFS 30 = satin-finished
  • RFS 50 = silk gloss
  • RFS 70 = gloss

Follow the Instructions before application: Instruction manual



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