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Look and feel of tropical wood is very important to me. Does Resysta Marine meet my requirements? Resysta Marine does not only look like tropical wood. With a special process, it is possible to recreate also the surface and feel of tropical wood. Experience it yourself! Unlike wood, Resysta does neither crack nor splinter. Such damage to the surface is now a thing of the past.

Does the material fade or tend to appear tired under direct sun respectively after some time of use? Mechanical strength, thermal and chemical resistance are tested quality characteristics of Resysta Marine. Basically, the material has a substantial inertness which means that Resysta does not, respectively hardly reacts with the environment under natural conditions. UV radiation, weather and temperature influence cannot harm Resysta Marine. The material keeps its consistent high-quality look for years.

Resysta is a synthetic material. Don’t I have to expect accelerated wear and tear or doesn’t the material become brittle after a short time? Part of this question has already been answered above. One special property of Resysta Marine is its bipolarity, i.e., the surface of the material engages with water without absorbing it. Besides an increased authentic look, this also leads to a high skid resistance. The material is absolutely water resistant, even in contact with salt water it does not swell, crack or splinter. Basically, Resysta Marine offers exceptional strength and resistance and is therefore perfectly suitable for high traffic areas like decks on cruise liners.

Purchasing a boat is a certain investment in the future. What about the durability of Resysta Marine as far as this is concerned? All benefits mentioned above lead to a maximum durability at a minimum of maintenance and consistent look and feel.

Teak wood has a certain density and weight which needs to be considered for ship construction. Furthermore, competitors offer different alternatives to teak wood with the argument of a lower weight. What about Resysta as far as this is concerned? Basically, it can be said that low weight and density lead to a reduced durability, resilience and chemical resistance of such materials. However, Resysta Marine offers a higher density and weight than teak wood; at the same time, it has to be applied in even lower thickness. As a consequence, factor weight is compensated and you can enjoy all the advantages of Resystas. With the new 2.5 mm veneer completely new designs are possible for professional yachting.

Resysta Marine can be applied in- as well as outdoors – is it safe to human health? Resysta Marine is absolutely safe to health. The material has a substantial inertness which means that it does not, respectively hardly reacts with the environment under natural conditions. This is one reason for the unique material properties and guarantees that no harmful substances will be emitted or washed out. Also when processing the material in a joinery, these favourable properties become noticeable (cutting wastes and sawdust should be stored separately; it will be taken back from the producers and processed to another profile; do not burn Resysta with wood).

What about the environmental compatibility of Resysta Marine? Nowadays, a real innovation is the sustainability of a product. Resysta is 100 % recyclable, can be reused and at the end of its life cycle energy can be obtained from it. Resysta consists of approx. 60 % rice husk – a by-product of a renewable resource, of approx. 22 % common salt and approx. 18 % mineral oil (if required, this part of so-called polymer can be produced from renewable resources). Since Resysta is absolutely wood-free, there is no need to treat it with fungicidal and insecticidal preservatives. As a real alternative to teak wood, Resysta Marine actively contributes to the protection of our endangered tropical rain forests.

Is it possible to mend smaller damage myself easily? Resysta Marine does not only require low maintenance, it is also very durable and smaller repairs can easily be done. Furthermore, there is no need for any special devices. Very useful information done by our American friends can be downloaded from Melt smaller damage. If you adhere to our instructions, mended parts are almost invisible.

Can Resysta only be used as decking? Decking, gangways, decks and platforms are just the beginning of the almost unlimited possibilities of applying Resysta Marine. Since the material is absolutely safe to human health it is also perfectly suitable for interior design, where the noble look of wood is in demand. Resysta Marine ist he ideal choice for ceiling and wall claddings, blinds, veneer and furniture. With the extrusion process, almost every profile can be shaped.

Is there a certain difference to teak wood which needs to be considered when installing Resysta Marine? Basically, Resysta as a material can be handled and processed like wood. Even standard woodworking machines can be used when working with Resysta. Installing Resysta Decks is done according to approved methods known from handling teak wood. Thus, it is not really new to experts.

Is Resysta Decking delivered in the colour desired? No, the decking is delivered in natural shade, the colour is ordered separately. We recommend to apply the colour before installation.

Can I change the colour of the decking if desired? Yes, the planks only need to be sanded and then the new colour shade can be applied.

How do I dispose of Resysta? Resysta is 100% recyclable and can therefore be returned to the producers. Otherwise, Resysta can be disposed of with common bulky waste. The material must not be burned.

How to remove stain? Stains are to be removed as quickly as possible; since Resysta does not absorb any water, liquids cannot penetrate. Thus stains can be removed easily. For more stubborn stains we recommend to slightly sand the surface and apply the respective care product.



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