Resysta und Partner nehmen den UK Holzmarkt in Angriff

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Resysta and partner enter UK woodworking market at UK Construction Week/Timber Expo in Birmingham (10 – 12 October 2017)

A lot of wooden applications and products are extensively exposed to weathering. Therefore, they have usually been made of high quality wood such as Teak or Bangkirai. Due to that fact, 80% of our rain forests have disappeared since 1960. For Resysta not a single tree has to fall. Even

better: it consists of approx. 60% rice husks, a waste product of the food industry. For that reason, Resysta is very long-lasting. Moreover, like its natural model it can be sawn, drilled, painted, sanded or oiled.

UKCW LOGO landscape 2017 Ineos, Alfer, SIMONA and Resysta will show products and applications made of Resysta at Timber Expo 2017. They have the look and touch of natural wood. They are water- and weatherproof, do not swell, splinter, rot or fade due to UV radiation. Resysta – the better wood for a better world. Visit us at Hall 9, Booth T720.

ALFER made of Resysta – high profile ideas

Build your patio very easily with the alfer profiles made of Resysta. Your feel good place in warm wood finish in your favourite colour. And the best part: With our profiles, you are actively protecting the rainforest. Resysta outperforms its natural model, tropical wood, in nearly every respect. The unique combination of rice husks and polymer makes it possible. It is weatherproof, resistant to fungus and insects, splintering, swelling and does not crack. At the same time Resysta requires minimal maintenance and is slip-resistant and versatile in colour and shape. Because of all these properties Resysta floor boards and click tiles are ideal for all areas exposed to weathering and moisture. Environmentally friendly Resysta colours, which are available in different shades, provide additional protection and care for Resysta floor boards. We are working permanently on the further development of our Resysta assortment to enlarge its range of use.

Alfer is the market leader in its target market in almost all European countries thanks to its sophisticated quality and functional solutions. We are committed to Germany and produce most of our product range at our head office in Horheim. To meet our customer’ diverse needs, the alfer range sets standards for profiles made from aluminium, steel, brass, plastic and Resysta. 

SIMOWOOD made of Reysta® - As versatile as wood, as pliable as plastic

A sustainable material that looks and feels like wood, has the same versatility as wood in terms of processing and is as pliable as plastic – the essential features of SIMOWOOD made of Resysta. The large-sized sheets made of Resysta are a real alternative to products made of wood. The polymer containing an eco-friendly filler that includes rice husks is extruded to create sheet products that are specially processed to look and feel like real wood. Compared to wood-based products used in this area, the moisture-resistant sheets do not swell when exposed to water, are weatherproof and offer the benefit of anti-slip properties when wet. This makes the material suitable not only for indoor but also for outdoor use – while also conserving valuable resources.

SIMOWOOD is particularly suited to areas of application that rely on durable, sustainable and weather-proof materials with a wood-like appearance. Potential areas of use:

  • Outdoor furniture
  • Wall and facade elements
  • Interior fittings
  • Fences
  • Shipbuilding (SIMOWOOD IMO)
  • Wellness areas and wet rooms
  • Store design
  • Exhibition stand design

SIMOWOOD Sheets complement the range of Resysta Profiles, offering architects, designers, display professionals and other service providers a wealth of new possibilities.

INEOS Compounds

As part of the INEOS Group, one of the world’s leading chemical companies and the largest PVC producer in Europe, INEOS Compounds can draw on 100 years of combined experience in anticipating and satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers.

First class service, product and technical innovation, cost leadership and capacity expansion have been vital to our success. With three compounding sites in Europe INEOS Compounds is a market leader for PVC compounds.

Based in County Durham, INEOS Compounds site at Newton Aycliffe is the largest single-site PVC compounding unit in Europe. Compounds for Scandinavia and Northern Europe are also served from INEOS Compounds Sweden and our Swiss plant at Sins ideally placed to supply compounds destined for central and Eastern Europe.

About Resysta International GmbH

Thanks to his family’s furniture company, Resysta’s CEO Bernd Duna recognized very early that sustainably produced tropical wood is in increasingly short supply with correspondingly rising prices. Therefore, he developed and patented Resysta, the world’s only natural fibre material that equals tropical wood in characteristics and materiality without the need to cut down any tree. The technology company Resysta International licenses the production technology of this sustainable and fully recyclable material to blue chip customers. Thousands of installations, innumerable application possibilities and over 15 years of experience convince producers across the globe. They use diverse manufacturing technologies to craft versatile products made of Resysta with the natural look and feel of tropical wood.


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