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Wood 2.0: Sustainable Economic Efficiency in Conformity with Aesthetics and Nature

While the available budget often limits the choice of materials for private developers, public and commercial building projects have a greater scope thanks to the higher significance of economic efficiency. Calculations are made for a longer period of time and parameter like maintenance costs and durability are included in the calculations. In combination with aesthetic demands and aspects of sustainability, many materials do not meet these often contradictory requirements. Resysta products, however, manage this balancing act and give architects the opportunity to offer their clients sustainable and intelligent solutions that are significantly more economical over a longer period of time than comparable products made of wood or WPC.


Products made of Resysta are very much like tropical woods in look and feel. Special sanding of the surface makes this possible resulting in the same warmth and comfort as wood.

Economic Efficiency

The advantageous economic efficiency of products made of Resysta is based on the absolute resistance against humidity, therefore resulting in very long durability of the material. Products made of Resysta are 100% water-resistant. Water is not absorbed and this is the reason why the material is unaffected by humid weather. Products made of Resysta can be installed directly in water without rotting or decaying. Therefore, products made of Resysta are more durable than wood or WPC – and even more are resistant against fungus, rotting and termites. The economic efficiency is based on the very low-maintenance for the material. Products made of Resysta are UV-resistant and therefore don not fade.

Maintenance effort? Not applicable! Cleaning is possible by steam cleaning – resulting in minimal costs for a durable and constantly beautiful facade or terrace.


Products of Resysta consist of approx. 60% rice husk, an agricultural waste product. In combination with approx. 22% common salt and aprox. 18% mineral oil a unique and worldwide patented material is created, which not only is almost like tropical woods in feel and look, it exceeds these with better product properties and is 100% recyclable. Waste and residues are shredded and returned to the production process. And not even a single tree must be cut down. The rain forest will be grateful.

Building with Guarantee

Many manufacturers of products made of Resysta guarantee for the period of 15 years that no swelling, cracking, splintering or rotting will occur.

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