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We, the Resysta International GmbH, have set ourselves the target to find sustainable alternatives especially for tropical woods. The rain forests are the green lung of our earth. It is important to preserve these – also in order to protect the varied fauna. Resysta International therefore has developed the material Resysta which is almost like natural tropical wood in look and feel and consists of approx. 60% or rice husk – a waste product of the food industry. Products made of Resysta also feature a lot of advantages in comparison to wood. However, for the production of Resysta not even a single tree must be cut down.

Today we worldwide grant licenses to companies, that believe in Resysta as a sustainable replacement for wood as we do, especially because of the many advantages products made of Resysta have compared with wood or WPC. Therefore we see ourselves as carrier of technology and help with the marketing of products or semi-finished products made of Resysta.

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Company History


1990s Bernd Duna, CEO and founder of Resysta International GmbH originally started his career in the furniture industry. The parental company MBM (Münchner Boulevard Möbel) mainly manufactures and sells outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture have to be even better than a dining room table – they have to withstand varied weather conditions. Tropical woods are best suitable for this purpose. But as these woods become more and more scarce, prices are increasing regularly and the illegal trade of tropical wood flourishes, Bernd Duna decided to search for alternatives.
2004 Bernd Duna finds it in Hong Kong. The Canadian, Antonio Siu, draws his attention to a pier built in the sea that has been there for ten years already. The material looks like wood, feels that way and shows no signs of weathering. Subsequently Duna and Siu refine the material which consists to a large extent of rice husk and experiment with the production of different products (mainly furniture).
2007 The first chair made of Resysta goes on sale. In the following period of time more and more furniture of Resysta are created.
2011 Bernd Duna and Antonio Siu again and again notice that Resysta is very versatile. Products can be produced by means of diverse production processes and the product properties surpass those of wood and WPC in almost all areas, therefore the material is well suitable for products such as decking, fences, windows, facades, wet areas and ship building. They founded the Resysta International GmbH, which exclusively takes care about the marketing of the material Resysta.
2012 Relocation to the new office in Hofquartier in Taufkirchen near Munich, including a large showroom and a shop for products made of Resysta (Summerfield).
2014 As Resysta is that versatile and immense production know-how would be required, it is decided to grant licenses to companies in the plastic industry. These companies are then able to produce varied products. Patent for USA, Singapur and Japan.
2015 Patent for the European Union establishment of the Growth Networks with the target to manifest the material Resysta together and make it successful.
2016 Exclusive license agreement with Ineos for Europe
2017 Exclusive license agreement with Reliance for India. License agreement with Agio for China.

Manager of Resysta International GmbH

Quote Bernd Duna:

„If the value of a company is in the capability to create real innovations, we are very successful.“

„With Resysta the chemical industry for the first time has the possibility to produce an absolutely sustainable product and at the same time make an important contribution to the protection of our rainforests.“

„Especially in countries like China and India the demand for wood is continuously increasing. In case Malaysia and Indonesia can not supply any more or do not want to supply, we currently offer the only real solution with Resysta for the problem. The faster these countries realize, the better for our rain forests.“

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