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Cleaning / Care


The surface can be cleaned with cleaner RSC especially developed for Resysta. RSC surface cleaner is a powerful phosphate-free, highly concentrated and water-based all-purpose cleaner. Apply undiluted to remove stubborn soiling. For normal maintenance, use up to 1:40 diluted with water as surface cleaner. Usually it is sufficient to clean products made of Resysta regularly with a steam cleaner. Most of the time it is sufficient to clean visible dirt with a light to medium steam jet.


To refresh and maintain all oiled Resysta surfaces it is best to use the Resysta Top Care Oil (RTCO). RTCO nourishes Resysta surfaces, and provides them with more saturation, new shine and freshness in one single work process. In the case of light fading, becoming dull or partial abrasion of the original oil film, RTCO can prevent a complete new treatment of the area. RTCO contains refined natural oils, soybean, sunflower and rapeseed oil, isoaliphates, wax dispersions, lead-free and barium-free driers. Maintenance and care instructions

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