Water-resistant Design-panel with natural Look & feel of Wood


The Universal Performance Boards made of Resysta are incredibly versatile. They do not just look and feel like wood, they can also be processed like wood. And unlike wood, these panels are even thermoformable. This provides unbelievable ease of design for numerous application areas. The UPB board shines with its application as flooring material as well as for use in façades or interior decoration. For more than 15 years, the material has been establishing its advantages in worldwide projects throughout various climatic zones and under the most severe conditions. The UPB board is easy to care for and more durable than wood or WPC due to its water and UV resistance, and it is 100% recyclable. And since it is made up of approximately 60% rice husks, a leftover product from the food industry, UPB boards are extremely sustainable and are an example of the technological advancement of natural raw materials - a true wood 2.0.

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Advantages of the UPB Boards:

  • 100% water-resistant
  • easy processing - like wood
  • individual color design
  • thermoverformability
  • 100% recyclable
  • 2018 awarded with the Green Product Award (category architecture)

NEW: UPB boards with the ecoplus3 technology

UPB boards rely on the ecoplus3 technology developed by Resysta International. This completely new process allows to produce sustainable natural fibreboards (= universal performance boards/UPB). Natural fibreboards with the ecoplus3 technology made of Resysta combine economic prices with excellent freedom of design. They are 100% recyclable, waterproof, low-maintenance and virtually indistinguishable from tropical wood in terms of their optic and tactile properties. Products using the ecoplus3 technology also have a remarkably low density. At a maximum weight of 0.6 g/cm³, they are extremely lightweight. This makes their handling for production and installation especially effortless. The low expansion of the material makes them even easier to install. On account of its reduced thermal conductivity, it prevents e.g. terraces and façades from heating up too fast. UPB boards with the ecoplus3 technology by Resysta offer truly intelligence.

UPB boards made of Resysta convince in …

… Aesthetics

  • feels warm and natural
  • almost no difference to tropical woods
  • great scope of creativity thanks to versatile processing possibilities and a wide color range

… Sustainability

  • no rotting and resists humid warm climate
  • 100% recyclable and THE sustainable alternative to wood and WPC
  • closed material loop with own collection points
  • free of phenol and formaldehyde
  • free of adhesives
  • made of renewable raw materials
  • excellent ecological balance
  • no tree is cut down
  • 2018 awarded with the Green Product Award (category architecture)

… Economic Efficiency

  • very long durability (80 years guaranty against rotting)
  • low maintenance
  • therefore cheaper than comparable products in the long term

… Product Properties

  • UV-resistance (no fading)
  • water resistance
  • skid resistance
  • salt- and chlorine-water resistant
  • no cracking, no splintering
  • no pest infestation or fungal decay
  • installation directly into the ground or water possible
  • easy thermoformable


… Freedom of Design

  • easy installation
  • processing like wood with customary wood tools
  • easy to create round and 3D forms due to its thermoformability
  • easy to refinish
  • wide color range

Sustainability - UPB boards made of Resysta receive the Green Product Award 2018

Recycling Kreislauf PlatteSince 2013, the Green Product Award has awarded innovative design products for sustainable consumption. In 2018 over 400 manufacturers and designers from 25 nations applied. Each submission is put through its paces by a specialist jury in terms of design, innovation and, above all, sustainability. The UPB boards made of Resysta not only impressed with the use of food processing residues and local resource sourcing in manufacturing, but also through its own dedicated recycling network, enabling the production of equivalent new products from old products

More information about the sustainability of Resysta 


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