Resysta: Farbkonzept

Color concept

Colors create atmosphere and inspire emotions. For this reason Resysta attaches great importance to providing as much choice and scope as possible on the creative level. Glazes, varnishes and oils by Resysta not only provide a great color variety, they refine the base material and increase surface resistance (2-component protective sealer).

Resysta wall cladding

Resysta basically has a beautiful warm natural color. By applying glazes any color can be achieved. The special feature is material based. As Resysta does not absorb water, the color does not flake. By exposure to sunshine (UV-strain) the applied color becomes rather more intense in the long term. Additionally it is possible to seal Resysta with a special protection varnish against pollution.

Oil, Glaze and Stains

Resysta colors

Resysta Top Oil (RTO)

RTCO is a maintenance oil for renovation, restoration and maintenance of all oiled Resysta surfaces. The light oil texture allows for easy application. RTCO nourishes Resysta surfaces and provides them with more saturation, new shine and freshness in one single work process. In the case of light fading, becoming dull or partial abrasion of the original oil film, RTCO can prevent a complete new treatment of the surface. RTCO contains refined natural oils, soybean, sunflower and rapeseed oil, isoaliphates, wax dispersions, lead-free and barium-free driers.

Resysta RTO /RTCO

FVG Transparent Coloured Glaze/Stain

Transparent colored water-based glaze (stain) for the color design of surfaces. Resysta FVG-C (color code) is ready to use and does not need to be diluted. One liter is sufficient for approx. 10-15 m² of Resysta surface, depending on application type and side of application (grooved /smooth). Resysta glaze FVG-C is composed on the basis of a water-diluted paint system and colored transparent with high quality pigments. With transparent stained surfaces, the overall color tint is achieved by the interaction of the substrate color shade and the transparent color hue of the stain. The overall color is determined by the amount of the pigments applied.

Resysta FVG

2-Component Protective Sealer

To increase the mechanical and chemical resistance and protection against soiling, we recommend sealing the surfaces with 2-component protective sealer especially adapted for Resysta.

RFS 2K Protective Sealer (for professional users)

Resysta 2K Sealer RFS is an aqueous, transparent 2-component polyurethane sealant for indoor and outdoor use. A two-component sealer consists of a base coat component (component A), with an added hardener component (component B). After curing, Resysta 2K Sealer RFS creates a highly resistant, transparent lacquer film, which increases the mechanical and chemical resistance of the surface optimally. The lacquer film provides extensive protection against staining due to external effects of grease, oil or other penetration of soiling.

Resysta RFS is available in four different gloss levels:

  • RFS 10 = deep matt (natural wood appearance)
  • RFS 30 = satin-finished
  • RFS 50 = silk gloss
  • RFS 70 = gloss

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