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Tool- & Machine Manufacturers of Resysta production technologies

To produce the Resysta basic material ARF (Active Resysta Filler) and successor products, appropriate machines are required. Our partners of the sector machine and tool manufacturing have relevant experience with Resysta to assist at the setup of your production technology.

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Products: Extruders, toolings for profiles and pipes, downstream and special machines

Friul Filiere Spa was established almost 40 years ago as a manufacturer of dies for the extrusion of plastic material. The company now sells complete, turn-key systems all over the world to anyone looking for high-quality performance when manufacturing pipes and profiles, from technological extrusion lines, fully customized and guaranteed 100% made in Italy. Customers have access to decades of experience and flexibility; a “yes, we can” approach that reflects the ongoing belief in R&D. The company holds several European and international patents and customers look to it for projects characterized by the use of complex materials or the section of the product they require.

From the conception to the delivery of the system, complete with machines and dies, all custom built. “Taking care of the customer and the project, for which we act as the sole partner, remains our main concern,” stresses Valdi Artico, Chairman and CEO. “Our passion for research is what leads us and determines the ambitious goals which we set for ourselves. This means we are motivated partners when undertaking projects for manufacturing special profiles and pipes which require a specific study and a made-to-measure technological solution. Starting with the customer’s idea, after a preliminary feasibility study, we take care of the combination of materials and process know-how to obtain the best possible performance in terms of production capacity and quality.”

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Products: Extruders and end-of-line accessoires

For more than 70 years Bausano has focused on quality and has stood out for the flexibility and attention given to every single need of each customer.

Bausano patented a revolutionary new transmission system, Multidrive, which uses not one but four motors per machine, with a gearbox which reduced by a quarter the torque effort of each motor and gear wheel, with enormous advantages in terms of the durability and performance of the extruder.

Bausano offers a wide range of counter rotating twin screw giving an optimal solution to satisfy every need and application. We offering a wide range of single screw extruders with high reliability and production capacity. Innovation has always been an essential strategic asset of Bausano machines. The new Bausano Smart Energy system aims at responding to a very important issue for customers: energy consumption. The Smart Energy system reduce energy consumption up to 30-35%.

Bausano operates worldwide and is able to supply and reach any country thanks to a team of specialised consultants at your service.



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