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Resysta GranulatOur compounders produce the Resysta basic material (Active Resysta Filler – short ARF) for the plastic processing industry. Therefore we grant licenses worldwide to make sure Resysta remains a sustainable product - Resysta is produced wherever it will be processed later. This is how the transportation costs are reduced enormously. And of course it makes no sense to buy rice husk in China and return the ARF after production to the plastic industry in Asia.

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Our Compounders

INEOS Compounds – License Europe

Ineos is one of the biggest producers of PVC Compounds with plants in Sweden, Switzerland and England.

Ineos provides a complete product range for the construction-, automotive-, electrical-, medical- and packaging industry worldwide. Besides the extensive standard product range of extrusion and injection molding, Ineos develops customized formula in their laboratories.

Ineos has locations in Aycliffe (UK), Helsingborg (Sweden) and Sins (Switzerland) with a production capacity of approx. 200.000 to/year. With a team of 300 employees Ineos is working on new challenges of the PVC industry every day. With this the company assures that the far more than 1.000 customer worldwide can rely on their products. With conviction Ineos compounds and sells Resysta Dry Blends and granulates to a market that has been waiting a long time for a new and innovative product. Resysta allows the processors to enter completely new markets. Together with Ineos and their customers we established a global material standard.

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Polymer-Chemie is an independent, privately owned company serving as a link between polymer manufacturers and the plastics processing industry.

Polymer-Chemie modifies and compounds PVC, develops customer-specific solutions and keeps adapting its product portfolio to the latest market requirements. Innovations and the development of new formulations are Polymer-Chemie’s core competence, enabling us to offer our customers tailor-made solutions to their specific needs.

Polymer-Chemie achieves customer satisfaction by consistently offering high quality compounds produced at competitive costs. High delivery reliability and flexibility, also when it comes to meet short-term deadlines, characterize our customer relationships.

Polymer-Chemie is one of the leading PVC compounders in Europe and Resysta Compounds complete our product portfolio.

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Agio International - Lizenz China

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