Resysta: Das Material

The Material

An intelligent solution when demands have to be met
that cannot be fulfilled by wood and WPC.

Resysta consists at approx. 60% of a food industry waste product – rice husk. Adding approx. 22% common salt and approx. 18% mineral oil – finished. By a wide variety of different manufacturing processes, products are created that exceed wood or WPC (Wood-Plastic-Composite). Products made of Resysta are weather-proof, water-resistant and UV-resistant and much more. As it is 100% recyclable and has a wide variety of colors it complies with all demands of a modern material.

Resysta properties at a glance:

  • durably water and weather resistant (no swell and can be installed in water)
  • resistant against salt and chlorinated-water
  • durably UV-resistant (no fading)
  • skid-resistant (ideal for pool decks and terraces)
  • no cracks and splinters (no more splintering)
  • resistant against fungal and mold decay
  • resistant against termites and other parasites
  • products partially fulfill very high fire classes (IMO certification)
  • sustainable and recyclable.

Resysta: Sustainable economic efficiency in conformity with aesthetics and nature


Resysta Aesthetics Products made of Resysta are very much alike tropical woods in look and feel. A special sanding of the surface makes this possible and thus enables it to exude the same warmth and comfort as wood.

  • feels warm and natural
  • almost no difference to tropical wood
  • durably UV-resistant (no fading)
  • great creative scope due to a wide range of processing possibilities and versatile color range


Resysta Recycling Not even a single tree has to be cut down to produce Resysta as it consists of approx. 60% rice husks, an agriculturally waste product. Approx. 22% common salt and approx. 18% mineral oil are then added. The result is a product that exceeds it´s natural model in durability and sustainability by far. Compared with similar products made of wood and WPC the raw materials used are very much longer in use. More about Recycling

  • does not rot and resists warm humid climate
  • 100% recyclable and THE sustainable alternative to wood and WPC
  • low-maintenance

Economic Efficiency

The advantageous economic efficiency of products made of Resysta is based on two pillars. On one side the extreme resistance against humidity which is reflected in very long durability. Products made of Resysta are 100% water-resistant. Water is not absorbed, that is the reason, why the material is unaffected by humid weather. Products made of Resysta even can be installed directly in water without rotting or decaying. Due to this, products made of Resysta are more durable than wood or WPC – they are even resistant against fungus, rotting and termites. On the other side the economic efficiency is based on the very low-maintenance for the material. Products made of Resysta are UV-resistant and therefore do not fade. Maintenance effort? Far from it! Cleaning is possible by steam cleaning – the costs for a durable and constantly beautiful facade or terrace are therefore kept to a minimum.

  • very long durability
  • minimal maintenance
  • cheaper than comparable products in the long term


Resysta Processing

Products made of Resysta offer home handymen, craftsmen, architects, designers or booth builders numerous new design possibilities also due to the simple processing. The wide color range of Resysta, leaves no design requirements unfulfilled. Products made of Resysta can be processed by means of commercial wood processing machines just as versatile as wood. It is also possible to process Resysta thermally just like plastic, thus combining the advantages of both materials. Installation Guides

  • easy installation
  • processing just like wood with commercial wood working tools
  • installation directly into the ground (no rotting)
  • thermoformable
  • easy to repair
  • wide color range

Security Advise

do not burn products made of resystaDo not burn products made of Resysta. Products made of Resysta can be recycled. Please find here more information.




Resysta is used everywhere, where weather-resistant and sustainable materials with the look of wood are requested.Possible applications amongst others:

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