Since Resysta is so versatile, it is almost impossible to answer all questions. We herewith attempt to answer the most important and frequently asked questions. If you should not find an answer to your question, please use the following form to contact us and we will be pleased to be able to help you.

What exactly is Resysta?

Resysta is a hybrid material that mainly consists of rice husk. By means of a special process, the rice husk are homogeneously bonded in a polymer matrix and thus obtain the high material resistance and the wood-like look and feel.

Where can I buy Resysta products?

Resysta products are available from wholesalers, retailers and specialized trade. Various internet retailers offer Resysta items. It's best to check the manufacturers' websites for the dealers in your region. Make sure to buy original Resysta products only.

Who can produce Resysta profiles?

Resysta has a high quality standard and therefore supplies only to licensed production companies that feature the appropriate technical potential and facilities.

Where can I get a Resysta product catalog?

Product catalogs are available at the manufacturers of the respective articles. You are welcome to ask us for information regarding the different suppliers.

What are the main advantages of Resysta in comparison to conventional wood or WPC?

The main advantage is its long-lasting weather resistance. Resysta does not rot and even after decades, still displays its original solidness. In addition, Resysta can be glazed and varnished in all shades and thus offers the possibility for diverse color design. Over and above, Resysta has that unique look and feel.

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