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A better product for a better world!

Resysta protects the rain forestProducts made of Resysta have the look and feel of real tropical wood. Therefore it can be used in many areas instead of for example Bangkirai, Mahogany, Teak or also the northern domiciled Douglas or Siberian larch. But for the products made of Resysta not even a single tree has to be cut down. That does not only benefit the rain forest as our „green lung“, it especially pleases the inhabitants as their habitat is not endangered.


UpcyclingThe material Resysta mostly consists of rice husk. Rice husk are a by-product of the food industry and mostly have no further use. Resysta consists of approx. 60% of waste from the food industry.


RecyclingEverything originating from Resysta, waste at assembling, sanding dust, sawdust or residues can be recycled. It is shredded and reintroduced to the production process. Principally a new Resysta product can be made of an old product and any time – and that quite often. Because of that the raw materials used for production are in use for an incredibly long time. This is how the products „made of Resysta“ become extremely sustainable.

Bild recycling Guidelines

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Recycling Flyer

A rivival of a facade. Our broschure explains how recycling of products made of Resysta works.

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Resysta has provided a recycling-consortium in cooperation with some producers and has set up a recycling system. The companies have committed themselves to recycle waste, caused during production, such as residues or sanding dust as well as to take back goods from the markets in order to put them back to the product cycle. Waste and residues are shredded and added back into the production process. The consortium is supported by Vinylplus, a voluntary sustainability development program of the European PVC industry.

Recycling Collection points

Resysta has built a recycling network in the past years. This is only the beginning. We continue our efforts to expand the network with return points continuously. From January 2019 you will find here the adresses of avaiable collection points. At the following addresses Resysta residual material can currently be returned to the recycling system (please notify by phone in advance): 

Resysta Recycling Points

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