Resysta: Parkett

Parquet made of Resysta

Flooring made of Resysta exceeds comparable products made of tropical wood and WPC in almost every aspect. It is weather-proof, resistant against fungi and insects, does not splinter, swell and crack. At the same time products of Resysta are skid-resistant only require minimum maintenance.

Advantages of Parquet made of Resysta:

  • Resysta does not absorb water, therefore flaking of the color or sealing does not occur
  • no graying and fading of the surface
  • barely visible changes in color, even after many years
  • high screw-withdrawal-resistance
  • easy to glue
  • durability category 1 (very durable) against fungal decay
  • very high skid resistance
  • very low maintenance
  • wide color range
  • Resysta glazes and sealer perfectly adhere to the surface


Thanks to all these properties, flooring made of Resysta is perfectly suited for all areas that are exposed to weather and humidity. Environmentally friendly glazes, which are available in various shades, offer additional protection and care for flooring made of Resysta.


Create high-class parquet made of Resysta. As the material Resysta does not absorb water at all, it is particularly suitable for wet rooms or in the transition from outside to inside. The pleasant feel and the extremely natural look provide every room a special warmth.

Manufacturer of parquet made of Resysta:

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